Best Acupuncturist in Allen, TX

Manage and Relieve Your Pain!

Your pain is debilitating, isn’t it?

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong, and an indicator to take action before things get worse.

Don't Stress Out!

Are events in your life causing you stress? Or could it be that you are negligent in taking care of your health? This will cause your body, mind, and soul to become imbalanced.
We cannot change our situation, but we can change our attitude and mindset. So take a deep breath and come in for a visit!

A Better Life!

We all strive for wellness, we try to improve our lives so we may live up to our fullest potential. Wellness starts with your body, being physically and mentally balanced. Let’s pursue the best day ever, every day, together.

Acupuncture Needles

Chronic and Acute Pain


Headaches and Migraines


Emotional Problems


General Wellness


Digestive Disorders

Alcoholic Bottles


Sickness+ Acupuncture= Better

Allergy and Sinusitis


Reproductive Health


  • “I’ve used Dr. Kim for about 8 weeks now and the results are amazing. I had shingles about a year ago and it was a rear case that pain didn’t go away. I’ve tried everything to stop pain but it was always temporary relief. While I was going through such a hard time with tremendous pain on my right torso and mid back someone suggested me to try acupuncture. I didn’t believe in those ancient medicine but I was desperate!!! I am soooooooo glad I decided to try acupuncture and I’m very grateful that I met Dr. Kim. He is a wonderful and talented professional. He is very knowledgeable of the human body and muscle groups and helped me with all my pains. It was unbelievable how relaxed I felt after leaving his sessions. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim for any aches and pains. Thank you Dr. Matthew Kim for being such a wonderful, caring professional.”

    ByungHwan Kim
  • “Visited Dr. Kim and he was very good at spotting the pain and the cause for it. He’s a good listener and is interested in making you feel better as soon as possible. It was worth the visit. Best acupuncturist I know.”

    Laura Amaya
  • “I recently went for my first accupuncture visit and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of pain relief! I have fibromyalgia and on the night of the first treatment, I would actually wake up because when I tossed and turned it hurt significantly less than it usually does! I am amazed, I was kind of a skeptic but I really wanted to try something that would not have the side effects that most medicines have. I didnt even tell him that I had fibromyalgia, he figured it out on his own as well as other conditions that I have. Dr. Kim took his time to ask many questions and evaluate, all the while making me feel comfortable to express myself. I was also pleasantly surprised that the needles didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting, just a light poke. Some didn’t hurt at all when he placed them and afterwards I even forgot some where there! I felt completely relaxed which is such a welcomed relief from the pain. I can’t wait to see what I will feel like when I finish my treatment! I will be back to update the review then!!”

    Ana Portillo
Doctor of Acupuncture

Matthew Kim

I was born and raised in South Korea until the age of 25 when I moved to Boston to further my study of medicine. I’ve always been a bit of a study worm and love to learn new things. While my older brother was active, always getting in trouble and getting hurt, I was more of the calm one in the family, soaking in new things, taking time to process and meditate on my surroundings. I have always been interested in the welfare of others, and had a keen interest in the anatomy of humans. The more I studied, the more I realized how special our bodies are. I call it the amazing healer. I feel my soothing and calm nature helps me to be a good listener, exhibit patience and kindness, so that my patients can have a pleasant experience each visit.


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