How long is a session of acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a fine practice that focuses on the body as a whole rather than a specific part. It aims to improve the body’s energy flow, also known as Chi or Qi, by controlling or manipulating nerve pathways throughout the body. The end result is relieved pain. The treatment varies based on a number of factors. Primarily, the individual body and the symptoms in which the individual is experiencing. Therefore, there is not an exact time frame for a treatment or even a guarantee on how many sessions it will take to relieve certain pain. Acupuncture treatment varies patient by patient.

How long is a session of acupuncture?

How long is a session of acupunctureA acupuncture session will generally last between 30 minutes to an hour. The goal is for the needles to be retained within the body for around 15 minutes to carry out their necessary influence. Acupuncture is a relaxing, generally non-intrusive process; however, an acupuncturist will not ask a patient to remain still for longer than an hour.

Expert acupuncturists will complete a consultation prior to the first treatment. He/she will gain an understanding of a client’s mind, body, pain and habits. As a result, the acupuncturist will know what treatment is needed and how to execute the acupuncture session. The pre-treatment evaluation may very well take longer than the treatment itself. After all, the consultation enlightens the acupuncturist as to what approach to take towards treatment. The detailed consultation is one aspect that makes acupuncture so unique.

Please make note, the evaluation will only need be done prior to the first session. Afterwards, a client will come in for treatment only, making for a shorter acupuncture session from that point forward.

How many sessions before the pain goes away?

Likewise, there is not a predetermined number of sessions either. Not until the consultation will the acupuncturist have an idea as to how many treatments will be needed. It may even take until the second session before determining a timeline. The acupuncturist may want to see how the patient’s body reacted to the first treatment before planning more than one follow-up. Some patients will be free from pain after one session, some will take a handful of sessions to be pain free–it just depends.

Many acupuncture clinics will offer package pricing to discount follow-up visits. For example, a clinic may charge $100 per acupuncture session, but $85 per session if the patient opts in for five sessions from the start. Ultimately, an acupuncturist only wants to treat for the necessary time to rid of a patient’s pain. Thus, he/she will inform the patient as to the applicable treatment time frame, influencing the payment options for the patient.

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