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Auricular Medicine is a highly developed system of diagnosis and treatment, discovering ailments anywhere in your human body by expertly examining your ears.

The color, shape and electrical conductivity in your ear can help us determine your health condition. We can even tell if you are experiencing the onset of a serious disorder.

Believe it or not, I can press and massage certain parts of your ear and treat headaches to back pain, and even indigestion and insomnia.

I have achieved great results that are precise and effective through my knowledge of Auricular Medicine. It is safe and painless because your skin is never punctured.

Throughout the world and here in America, more and more people like you are being treated through their ears.

This is just the start of our Chinese MRI. Next I will listen and feel your pulse. It has a story to tell us as well, on so many levels as we…

Let’s stop your pain and discomfort and start a journey to a better life!

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