Traditional Chinese Medicine

You may be frustrated with the traditional medical systems, which are expensive, slow, and full of drug treatments. My approach to Chinese Medicine is drug-free, holistic, and can bring about a more permanent change.  Did I mention it was affordable? Together we will work to diagnose and treat, not just your symptoms, but really get to the heart of what is causing imbalances in your mind and body.

When you arrive at my office, we will talk about your lifestyle and what pain and symptoms you have been experiencing. Then, I will begin a complete examination using methods that have existed in the Chinese culture for thousands of years. While modern technology has enabled us to take sophisticated images of your insides, a Chinese MRI can actually tell us more about your mind and body as your ear, tongue and pulse are constantly telling us your story. I simply have learned the language your body is speaking.

Together we will listen to your body and engage in a Chinese MRI.

Your physical and emotional symptoms and signs are sending out signals that things are not in balance. I can expertly examine your ears, carefully read your pulse, and thoroughly check your tongue to accurately determine symptoms and root causes of diseases. I call this Chinese MRI.

As a well-trained Chinese medical doctor, I know how to read your body’s language through the signals it is sending out. Once we understand those signals, then we can take action through precise acupuncture, oriental physical therapy, diet, and lifestyle changes that will bring your body and mind back into balance.

Stop the cycle of visiting your doctor for one symptom at a time, and popping chemically filled pills daily for temporary fixes.

Auricular Medicine/Diagnosis

When I listen to your body, I actually examine your ears which are one of the keys to what is going on inside you.

Your Pulse

When I listen to your body, I actually examine your ears which are one of the keys to what is going on inside you.

Tongue Diagnosis

The shape, size and color of your tongue can show us many things that are happening in your body right now.

Let’s stop your pain and discomfort and start a journey to a better life!

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