Alternative treatment for neck misalignment in Allen, TX

Alternative treatments for neck misalignment and general neck pain

Neck pain is a real inconvenience. Few things are more annoying than having to turn your shoulders every time you want to look at something instead of simply turning your neck. Though, turning your shoulders is better than feeling the pain from the cricks in your neck. The good news is neck pain is most often temporary. However, lengthy neck pain can lead to significant health issues.

Neck misalignment, for example, can affect nerve signals, cause spinal cord tension and diminished or backed up blood flow. Surgery or chiropractic treatment is not always the necessary solution. Instead, there are alternative, less costly treatments in Allen, TX that can heal neck misalignment and its symptoms.

Try a professional massage

Treating neck misalignmentA massage has a relaxing connotation. Rightly so, as it aims to relax muscle spasms by massaging muscles, tendons and ligaments. Essentially, spasms are caused by unnecessary tightness throughout your neck muscles. Massage therapists loosen the muscles through a half hour to hour long massage session.

Massages feel great but they are not a guaranteed fix to your neck problems. It’s worth a shot, though, if it doesn’t work after one session, it may be time to try something else.

Try Yoga or Tai Chi

A free attempt to bring your neck to health includes yoga or tai chi. These free-form exercises are meant to relax both the body and the mind. Both focus on meditation through breathing techniques. They can also help improve muscle strength and flexibility.

Yoga and tai chi can be learned simply via internet searches. You will be able to access all sorts of videos and tutorials on helpful yoga poses or tai chi movements. You can also join classes at your local gym, particularly for yoga. These exercises can help relieve temporary pain; however, like massages, they are not surefire cures.

Try Acupuncture

The top alternative treatment is acupuncture. Acupuncture is more defined than the above treatments. There is a specific science behind the practice that enables it to treat all sorts of pains, whether it me physical or mental. Professional acupuncturists in Allen, TX will strategically place thin, tiny needles in and around the specific area of pain to initiate the treatment. The placement of these needles will stimulate some of the more than 2,000 acupoints located throughout the patient’s body.

Acupuncture has a way of controlling the Qi, or energy flow of the body. It restructures nerves and triggers the release of chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. As a result, the physical pain goes away and the patient experiences a greater sense of well-being.

It may take multiple acupuncture treatment sessions to rid of the pain altogether, but the treatment has a greater chance at success than its alternatives. Of course, extensive and relentless pain likely needs to be looked at by a chiropractor. Neck misalignment could fall within that category. With that being said, acupuncture is considered a practically painless treatment and it will not worsen existing conditions.

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